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while she looks so sad in photographs; i absolutely love her...when she smiles.
nothing even matters
Hi. I suck at updating this. La la la la this semester is kicking my ass emotionally and physically.

(and please lol at my life as I actually do homework during this Spring Break / downloading old school songs that fit my mood <3 )

Guys...when I took The Praxis 1 on March 1...I finally passed the damn thing. No more stressing about Praxis tests. I passed both the Praxis 2 and VCLA on my first try taking them so now I just have to get good grades and I'm pretty set for the rest of my college career.

...sounds easy, but probably isn't as easy as I wish it'd be.

Love you guys xoxo

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwww... glad to hear you passed your Paxis things... that's really awesome... I'm sure you're putting a lot of work into your college career and so I'm glad it's paying off :)

the semester kicking your ass :( glad you passed those exams though that's awesome! spring break wahoo! hw on spring break though :/ i love making old school playlists.

Old school playlists are the best playlists!! <3

School kicked my ass too, but it is summer and I am back and I hope you will be too :)

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