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big time rush @ west virginia state fair = a big time rush (that went by too fast).

I can't give a story saying oh my gosh I met Logan or anything like that. The VIP tickets sold out before I could get them and honestly...I was not going to pay like $300 dollars to meet them. Sorry, I love them and all but that much for a college student? Not happening. That's almost enough to pay for my rent. ;)

I didn't get to creep before the show either because we got there late but I wish I did. Because I may have gotten to meet them because the guys rode tons of the rides. They said their favorite was the big roller-coaster (and James' face looked like he didn't like it haha). Then the guys were all making fun of him about how he screamed like a girl and then got sick. and Carlos was like AND IT WAS REAL GROSS. James was like >:O and I lol'd.

The band that opened the show was...a christian band named New Hollow. They were little adorable kids and they reminded me of the Jonas Brothers. Most of the kids at the concert hated on them like the brats in front of me. They were screaming boo and just wanted BTR on stage. Lol I got them but there is a thing called respect. I liked their cover of Airplanes. The dude from that band named Chad was a total sweetie.

Kendall opened the show saying WHADDUP VIRGINIA and I about to die laughing at all the West Virginia people freaking the hell out. ;) Logan corrected him and then they were making jokes. Most of the West Virginia people were still glaring though. I suppose it didn't bother me at all because I'm from Virginia ;-)

The whole time I totally jumped around. I had like parents surrounding me and the one was giving me a bitch look the whole time but I was like LADY IDC I AM GOING TO DANCE AND JAM, I AM NOT STOPPING. lol. Seriously though I wasn't blocking any little kids, I swear!! How can you sit still during a concert? I can't, sorry lol. (I mean hello EVERYBODY GET UP UP OUTTA YOUR SEATS.......you really gonna just sit there and stare? That's lame.)

I was super excited because even though I was super far back, when I video taped my favorite song "Nothing Even Matters", it came out pretty good. :D :D :D :D I'll post it at the end of this post ;)

and i loved that logan stayed on my side of the stage most of the time. YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! but lol my second favorite didn't >:O but that's okay.

and okay, guys, I have to say the concert = amazing. If you have the chance to see them, do it! It's epic. Although I gotta say it will go by way too fast. By the time they hit "Worldwide", your half way done. BUT GO, GO, GO! They are full of energy and so much fun. :)

(btw sorry that video jumps sometimes, lol because i was totally jamming....)

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Awwwwwwww... glad to hear you had a nice time, even though you didn't meet the boys *hugs* maybe next time! :)

It was EPIC!!!!! :D The best way to end my summer. :-) Yeah, maybe next time. I'll be okay, haha. I have my mind set on meeting them next time they're close by performing (and hopefully this time they will actually coming to my state lol).

This is soooooooo awesome!
And I really wish you all the best of luck for next time :) And I hope, they will come back soon! :)

me too! and hopefully this time actually in Virginia so I don't have to travel as much ;)


it was the perfect way to end my summer!!!! :D i had so much fun. HI LOVE!!!!! <3333

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:D :D :D :D

Thank you boo! I had such an awesome time. :-) ♥

Hope you're having a fantastic last weeks of summer, love!! ♥

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me too! :)

and guh, I am so jealous. Let's trade places lol ;)

Winter is one of my favorite seasons - and it's not just because my birthdays in it, haha. I just love how gorgeous snow is and ahhh. ♥

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