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(and I'm just posting this so I can watch this video over and over and over again until 2012 comes around and I can watch this show again, gah.)

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Oh God, this was just the most beautiful thing I've seen in... like forever... I almost teared up! It was just awesome... Sean should have gotten the TCA... He would have deserved it... he and not Ian -.-

I did tear up and I've replayed this part (among with the Emmett/Toby scene) numerous times, haha. HE SHOULD HAVE!!! He is an wonderful actor. I don't even know who Ian is. :/

Ian is appearantely from "pretty Little Liars" and I know him from there... he plays Ezra Fitz, the teacher Aria is with... so yeah... he is a good actor, too, but seriously? Not as good as Sean!

Ah okay. I still need to watch the show from the beginning to see if I like it but I bet I'll agree with you. Sean is amazing actor (lol you should youtube him "Sandlot 2 kiss scene" - its hilarious).

Ohm, okay, will do that with Sandlot 2" :D Never heard of it, though!

And like I said: I like Ian but he has DEFINITELY not done something special in pretty Little Liars, so he definitely doesn't deserve the TCA!

watch from 2:13 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbxz8k5P4Bk it makes me lol every time. as a kid, he was my favorite character and i just realized it was sean berdy <333

Ah, it's prob because PLL has been around longer/has more fans

*lol* Now THIS is funny... what a naughty little boy *lol* :D

And yes, but even then Keegan should have won, because his role is way more than just looking good ;-) Other than Ian's :p

lol his character is so bad in the movie. <3 it's great.

lol well you know how teens are. I bet Taylor Swift got everything she was nominated for even if she didnt really deserve it.

I know... that's why it's called Teen Choice awards, but it's not fair though :P

Lol I never watch the TCA just because of that.

yeah, I understand that, but at least my beloved Johnny (Depp) won something :P

gah Johnny Depp is so hot!!

oh yess, he definitely is! I love him for soooooo long =D

me too!! i have loved him since i saw him as a kid as edward scissorhands! <3

I even loved him since "21 Jump Street"... I have all seasons on DVD :D

I've never actually seen that, I'm gonna have to check it out! :)

it was a tv-show he made when he was like 19 or 20 - he was pretty young back then, and he played a cop... I shiped h8im with his partner *lol*

oh a cop? oh god I'm going to need to watch this. I have a thing for cops.

Part 1 of the Pilot of 21 Jump Street... really, it's ooooooooooold (From 1987), but just soooooo hilarious and good! =D and Johnny, awesome! ♥

guhhhhhhhhhhhhh i like it already!!!!!! :D

Oh I can toatlly imagine that and Penhall and Hanson were just... awesome together... they are made to slash... ;-) On megavideo there are like all episodes and all Seasons to watch online, if you want to...

Here for example:
http://www.tv-links.eu/tv-shows/21-Jump-Street_6/ :)

Most of the links are still working :)

thank you, my dear! i will check it out later on tonight when i have time! :]

yeah, do that!
Seriously, 21 Jump Street is one of the best shows out there!
Best old shows, that is :D

Forgive my rant of love

Fff, so, I got into this show a few weeks ago and I am so in love with it. I can't wait for it to start again. It helps me practice my ASL that I never get to use. I have to say, I like the idea of a relationship with Bay and Emmett, but there is just something about Bay that rubs me the wrong way. I couldn't tell you what it is, maybe the feeling of entitlement I get from that whole family (besides Toby, because a) I love Lucas Till and b) he's a wonderful human being sometimes when he's like 'hey Regina, I don't hate you but everyone else does, so lets hug it out' ), or maybe the thing where she just doesn't comprehend that the few times she's felt left out of a conversation watching him sign that that's what a lot of his life is sometimes. Guh, the entire carwash scene with Daphne and Emmett signing over each other and him being all 'I waited eight years' omgggg, so hurty but sooo good. I'll stop spewing at you but guh, I love it. Thank you for posting this <3

babe you can rant whenever!

Yay!!!! I am happy to have another fan on my friendslist! :D I can't wait either. I want it to be January now, haha. That's cool that you know ASL. I only know a few signs but I'm learning slowly. I'll be honest I hated Bay/Emmett at first, like you can ask anyone I was super against it. I didn't like any of the Kennish's either expect for Toby, but Katherine and Bay have grown on me. (I still hate their dad though. He is so annoying). And boo it's Lucas Grabeel ;) but it's okay, haha I confuse them too. and gah everyone was like 'oh his random storyline' but I loved when he hugged it out with her - she needed someone. and oh gosh those times when he's left out I just want to pull him away and hug him (or maybe Toby should go hug it out with him too) when he's left out lol :). and omg that scene...the EIGHT YEARS! i was like AHHHH my heart :/ That part made me tear up.

and boo you can go on and on about SAB! I love it! <3 (YOU SHOULD WRITE SOME SAB FICS lol ;])

(Deleted comment)
omg YES ♥ ♥ and gah we have to wait until freaking early next year for it to come back :{

I started watching this show during the recent marathon and now I've seen them all! I love Lucas and Austin!

YES. I love it so much omg. My favorites are Sean and Lucas! :)

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